Friday, October 24, 2014

Mirror, Mirrors on the Wall

Hello everyone!  Boy did I miss you guys on Wednesday!  For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook or Twitter (hint, hint ;)) I was without internet earlier this week, and so I was unable to get Wednesday's post live.

If you came this way and were wondering where the heck I was, I sincerely apologize!  We now have a temporary connection, until some guys can come out and replace some sort of underground wire to give us our regular internet back.  Things have been crazy, but they should be back to normal here on LMO now.

Before all of this hullabaloo (did I really just use that word?) I was originally going to share some updates we made to the bedroom over the past weekend.  I think we have finally gotten over the hump of 'nothing goes on the walls' and being too afraid to mess up brand new walls with a ton of nail holes.  So we got to work over the weekend and got my vanity mirror hung up!

We chose to hang this mirror up next because it is one of the only things in the house with a dedicated spot.  This mirror always gets hung over my vanity, so there was no need to discuss this, or wonder if it would look better in another spot.  We just had to get around to actually hanging it, and I'm so excited we finally did!

Unfortunately in a previous move, this mirror had a little accident, and was left without it's upper left corner.  Since it's still a perfectly functioning mirror for the most part, we have just been living with it and ignoring that corner.

I hope to eventually frame out this mirror with some nice molding, which will hopefully cover up that nasty corner.  I think this will also make the space look a bit more polished.  It was fine having a huge naked mirror back when I was in high school, but I'm ready to dress things up a little now.

I'm also planning on consolidating my jewelry a bit more, so I can clear up some space on top of my vanity.  I want to get things looking a bit prettier, I'm thinking maybe a tray of some sort to hold a couple pretty perfume bottles and such.

Until then I'm just thrilled that we got one more thing up on the wall and crossed off the to-do list!  I'm also super excited to be moving along on the progression of my little girly space.

Originally, I was just going to share with you my vanity mirror.  But then we got a wild hair and decided to just go all in and mount the other bedroom mirror we had been putting off.

Melissa's grandmother had given us a HUGE (2.7'x4.7') mirror a couple months ago.  It was originally made to rest on top of a dresser, but we always intended to use it as a full length mirror by propping it up against the wall.  This mirror would replace the dinky $10 Target mirror I've had in my room since elementary school.

We had originally thought about leaning the mirror up on the wall opposite where it ended up (the wall with the bedroom door on it) but we ended up not liking it there.  It blocked the path walking into the room, and made things feel cramped and closed off.  So we decided to put it next to my vanity.

We were hesitant about this placement at first, because it would mean two large mirror pretty much right next to each other.  But once we propped it up, we decided it really wasn't as bad as we thought, and the layout of the room felt significantly better with the mirror on that side.  So we just went with it, and attached it to the wall.

Since this mirror is very heavy, and we have a tiny 5 lbs. dog that likes to run around and bump into things, we made sure to secure the mirror to the wall.  We used a heavy duty wall anchor, and some strong wire attached to each side of the mirror.  This way if the mirror ever slips out, or starts to topple over, the anchor in the wall will catch it and the puppies of the house are safe.

I'm loving how this side of the room is coming along.  It definitely is a far cry from where it was a few months ago.  You can see how we rearranged the furniture to open up more space here, and you can see how I set up my jewelry station on top of the dresser here.

We've started to really make progress in actually getting things done in the bedroom, and I can't wait to get more things knocked off that to-do list!  I'm also going to add a few more things to that list.  First I want to paint or do something fun with the mirror frame, I'm just not a huge fan of the wood.

Second, we desperately need different lighting for this room!  Not only does this little lamp not give off enough light, its not the style we're going for in the long run.  And the base that holds the light bulb and lampshade is broken so the entire top is basically balanced on the stick part (technical term).  So as of now, our bedroom to-do list is as follows:

  • Hang curtains
  • Replace nightstands
  • Hang full length mirror
  • Hang vanity mirror
  • Re-paint vanity and dresser
  • Re-paint and re-cover vanity chair
  • Hang art
  • Find a bench for the foot of the bed
  • Paint full length mirror frame
  • Frame out vanity mirror
  • Replace floor lamp

When working through a to-do list, you're supposed to add 3 tasks for every 2 you cross off, right? ;)

What have you guys been up to lately?  Anyone else hanging any monster mirrors?  Or are you getting something else crossed of your to-do lists?  Let me know in the comments!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Balcony Progress and Plans

Hello everyone!  Today I get to show you a space you haven't seen much of here on the blog yet.  Right off of our living room, we have a nice little balcony.  Melissa and I love having balconies on our apartments, so we can spend summer evenings outside eating dinner, or drinking a glass of wine.  It really is just a wonderful way of relaxing and winding down after a long day.

So far we haven't done much out on the balcony besides put our outdoor furniture out there.  I love this little set of wicker table and chairs, gifted from my parents for my birthday one year.  I think they are just so adorable!  I would love to get some bright and colorful pillows to add to the chairs.  There's just a whole lot of white going on currently, and pillows would also add some much needed softness to this space.

I have also been playing around with different ideas for bringing some lighting out onto the balcony.  One idea I've liked is having a couple of stand alone lanterns scattered around the balcony, that could hold some candles.  Another option is to string some fairy lights around the whole space.  The direction the lighting situation will go will depend of the availability of an outdoor outlet, which I have yet to check out.

The other side of the balcony is pretty bare at the moment.  the only thing currently over there is a little metal table holding a bunch of pots of dead plants #blackthumb.  Melissa and I have dreams of building a raised garden bed out here, to grow some fruits or veggies in.  Our current plant status would argue we aren't up for that challenge, but we may try to tackle this next summer none the less.

We were lucky enough with this apartment to actually have access to the storage area off our balcony (these closets are usually maintenance only and residents are not given access).  So far we've just thrown a few things in here that we don't want stored in the apartment.  Eventually I'd like to get some structure and organization going on in here, maybe in the form of some shelves.  Since this is just a "yucky area" it isn't too high on the priority list, so we may honestly never get around to tackling it before we move out.

So that finishes up the quick little tour of our balcony.  Nothing too exciting, but I'm hoping we can cheer up this space with a few decorative touches added out there!  Here's is what's on the list for now:

  • Buy colorful cushions and/or pillows for chairs
  • Add lighting (fairy lights/candle lanterns)
  • DIY colorful flower pots
  • Build raised garden bed
  • Add flowers and plants (*learn how to not kill said flowers and plants)
  • Add shelves to storage area

What would you guys suggest for this space?  Any outdoor decor you are just over the moon in love with?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

20+ Tutorials to Boost Your Project Life

Ok, so here's the deal.  I was totally planning on sharing my Weeks 11 & 12 layouts with you guys today.  That is, until my printer ran out of ink before I could print my pictures for those weeks.  Womp, womp.  So in lieu of sharing my spreads, I thought I'd take this opportunity to make a list of some awesome crafty tutorials that will help take your Project Life spreads to the next level!

1. Washi Cut with Silhouette

2. Handstitch Embellishments

3. DIY Glitter Background

4. How to Print onto Project Life Cards

5. Step by Step Confetti Pockets

6. Mixed Media (Stencils, Paint and Pens)

7. Stamp a Custom Background

8. Make Your Own Project Life Cards

9. Hidden Peek-a-Boo Journaling Card

10. DIY Patterned Paper

11. DIY Project Life Cards

12. DIY Pocket Flap

13. Use Up Excess Supplies

14. Use Oversized Photo

15. DIY Decorative Project Life Card

16. Add Text Using Vellum

17. Masking with Embellishments

18. DIY Calendar Title Cards

19. DIY Custom Page Protectors

20. Customize Printables

21. Outline Title Using Recycled Supplies

I always love discovering awesome new 'techniques' to try out in my Project Life spreads.  I can't wait to implement each and every last one of these awesome tutorials!  Which are you most excited to try?  Let me know in the comments below!