Monday, September 1, 2014

Bridal Shower Card and Gift Tag Tutorial

Hi everyone!  I have a quick little crafty post to share with you all today.  Over the weekend, Melissa and I had the pleasure of attending a bridal shower for Melissa's cousin's fiance.  We had a wonderful time seeing her whole family, and enjoying one last quick vacation before summer ends.

Before heading up for the party, we had to get our gift for the party all ready.  I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try my hand at some card making.  I have never really made a card before, so I wasn't quite sure where to start.  After a quick search around for inspiration, I found this card, which was exactly the jumping off point I needed to get this project started.

Oh, and please excuse these less than stunning pictures.  They were snapped with my iPhone while we were in the middle of running around packing and trying to get out the door!

I wanted the card and tag to coordinate, but not match exactly.  So I made sure to use a couple of coordinating elements on both of them.  I decided on a mainly pink color scheme, with a few touches of gold.

I thought I'd give you guys a quick step by step tutorial on how I made this card and gift tag, so you can create ones for yourself if you're in need of a quick card for a bridal shower, birthday or whatever!  The beauty of these cards is you can tweak a  couple elements (color, word choice, embellishments) here and there to fit whatever event the card is meant for!

How to make Bridal Shower card:

  1. Cut six strips of patterned paper or washi tape in various lengths and widths
  2. Trim the ends of your paper strips into a variety of banner, straight or pointed ends
  3. Attach patterned strips down the right side of card, slightly overlapping each other
  4. Wrap a thick piece of ribbon around the center of your card, securing ends on the inside of the card
  5. Using your Silhouette, cut out the letters 'congrats' (or any sentiment you'd like) and attach cut-out to ribbon using foam dots
  6. Embellish using two flowers (attached with foam dots) and one button, or any other mix of embellishments you'd like
  7. Enjoy your finished card!

How to make Bridal Shower gift tag

  1. Place a strip of washi tape along the end of your gift tag, and trim off excess
  2. Hand letter recipient's name on blank part of tag
  3. Attach flower (or embellishment of your choice) to upper corner of gift tag
  4. Attach tag to present using ribbon
  5. Enjoy your finished gift tag!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little tutorial for making a Bridal Shower card and gift tag.  If you'd like to see more tutorials like this on Label Me Organized, let me know in the comments!

I'd also love to see your take on this tutorial, or other cards you've made yourself.  I don't think I'll be able to go back to store bought now that I've dipped my toe in the DIY card pool.  Link up your DIY cards and gift tags in the comments so we can all see some other beautiful cards that can be made at home!

Friday, August 29, 2014

LMO Gets a Makeover

Hello everyone!  For those of you who stopped by yesterday, you may have noticed that Label Me Organized got a little bit of a makeover!  For the last couple of months I've been making graphics and teaching myself how to install them.  And let me tell you, it is not always as easy as you would like!  This redesign of the blog has been a long time coming, and I am so excited that it is finally all done and live.

I liked looking back on my first redesign so much, that I thought I'd share a quick tour around the new and improved Label Me Organized.  I love having a record of the development of my blog, so I can look back in a few years and go "oh I remember when the blog looked like that!"  Think of this post as a time capsule of sorts.

So I started off this redesign by making a mood board.  I had some general ideas and a 'feel' I was going for with the blog, but it was hard to really sort out the details in my head.  It was so much easier getting everything onto 'paper' so I could have a real solid foundation to build on.

I got the idea for the mood board from Saffron Avenue, who does amazing work with blog design, but is a bit out of my price range at this point.  So I designed my own mood board, taking tips from how she designs sites for her clients.  I used the mood board to solidify my design for my header, color scheme, social media icons, sidebar titles, logo, fonts and patterns.  Having this reference to refer to throughout the design process was an absolute life saver.

The first big change I had to make was replacing the header.  I really never was a huge fan of my old header, and am so happy to be parting ways with that bright yellow banner.  I just never fell in love with the design of my title, and didn't feel it represented what I wanted Label Me Organized to be about.

I made my new header a lot lighter and less "in your face".  I really like the delicacy of the script, and feel it matches more with the style of this blog.  I toned down the intensity of the colors I used as well, and kept them to a minimum within the header.

The next set of big changes are shown in the sidebar.  First, I figured out how to replace the basic text sidebar titles with graphics I created to match the theme of my blog.  I just love how they turned out!

Possibly my favorite element of this redesign (yes I play favorites) is my brand spankin' new set of social media icons.  I am just thrilled with how they turned out, and love how happy and cheerful they are.  So much better than the old basic icons I was using.

Next up is a tour of the new Nav Bar up top and what it has to offer.  I kept the basic design the same, only tweaking the colors slightly to match the new toned down color scheme.

I did, however, switch up some of the pages you will find on the Nav Bar, and gave all existing pages a makeover of their own.

The first thing I finally updated was my Home Tour page.  It now reflects the fact that we actually moved and are living in a new place.  If you would like to see how our old apartment looked before we moved, you can still get all the details for that here.  I added in some snazzy room titles to each home tour page to make navigation through them easier.

I also completely redesigned all my project galleries, including the Organization page.  The old page was out of date, and basically only included links to my Home Management Binder.  I was previously using InLinkz to manage this page, but decided I wasn't in love with the look of this page.

So I did a little research, and learned how to code my very own project gallery.  The new design is a lot cleaner and simpler, showing an image and a link for each project.  This page is also broken down into various categories of organization, to make finding what you're looking for that much easier!

The next stop on our tour is the ever popular free printables page!  Once again, I was never in love with the look and feel of this page.  That bright yellow was just really overpowering, and I have been just itching to replace those images.

So all the images on that page got nice, softer updates.  Everything on the new blog got toned down and simplified, so it didn't distract from the content of the blog.  I am so much happier with the new graphics, and still get a goofy grin when I travel to a new page and see the new, lighter version.

I also snuck in a couple new pages into this redesign.  The first was a page I've been wanting to publish since I started the never ending hobby that is Project Life.  I made a project gallery, so you will be able to scroll through and check out each and every one of the Project Life Layouts I've created.

The page is divided up into yearly sections, and then each project is labeled with it's week number, so you can easily find any project your heart desires.  I am so happy to finally have this page up and running, and can't wait to fill it up with all of my future layouts.

The final page I added during this redesign was an Advertise page.  After a lot of thought, I have decided to open up Label Me Organizers to work with companies and brands.  I can assure you that this will not affect my regular content, and you can still expect to see posts like the ones you do now.  I also do not take referring products to you guys lightly, and will only share and suggest products that I have tried and loved!  If you have any questions about this change to the blog, please feel free to shoot me an email.

I also included a quick link to my Etsy shop right in the Nav Bar.  This will take you right to the shop where you can find all my planner printables and organizers for sale, so you can use them in your own planner!

Aside from the main redesign of the blog itself, I had to make sure all my social media channels matched this new design.  The old headers for many of my sites didn't really match... well, anything.  I kind of just made them on a whim one day.  While the colors and the titles do reflect the old look of the blog, everything else was pretty much made up.  I want all my channels to have a cohesive feeling with my blog, so obviously these old images had to be changed.

The new cover photos share the same look as the new blog header.  I am so much happier with how these turned out, and definitely won't be changing things anytime soon.  I also had to make a few other minor adjustments here and there, such as the apps on my Facebook page.

I again just simplified things, and made them coordinate with the rest of my new theme.  Overall I am just over the moon with this design, and so happy that it is all finalized and completed.

And now one more look at the old design for posterity's sake:

And the brand new, updated Label Me Organized:

So now that you have the lay of the land, go check it out for yourselves!  I would just love to hear what you guys think.  After all, you are the most important people on this little blog!  Let me know what you love, or what could still use some improvement, in the comments below!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Project Life: 2014 Week 7 Insert

Ok, so as I promised last week, when I shared my Week 7 spread, I'm back today to share my insert for week 7.  A certain lovey-dovey holiday was suspiciously absent in my full week 7 layout.  That is because we had a very busy Valentine's Day, and took way more pictures than would fit into a normal two page layout, without taking it over.

Choosing to not include pictures due to space constraints is a last resort for me whenever I'm Project Lifing.  So rather than nix some lovely memories I'd prefer to have recorded, I simply added in a 7x12 insert to hold all my Valentine's day lovelies.

The front of this insert is dedicated to all the 'typical' Valentine's day memories.  Since this insert will be sitting within my Week 7, I included some of the yellows and blues present in that layout, so it would coordinate nicely.  I did, however, add in some more colors, like pink... because Valentine's Day, duh.

The card on the left was a free printable from a Valentine's Day set, that I cannot for the life of me remember where I got it.  So if you recognize the "Heart You" card, let me know in the comments where it's from so I can share the love!  I kept this card super simple with just my planer picture and some journaling.

The card on the right showcases a cookie bouquet my parents had sent to Melissa and I earlier in the week.  The "Especially For" embellishment is actually the card that came with the basket, I just trimmed it down to stick in the pocket.  I then transcribed the note that was written inside the card onto a yellow label.  I added some washi tape, and a cute little chipboard embellishment that represents both the year and the date (February 14, 2014).

The card on the left shows all the goodies my Valentine showered me with.  I simply stuck it onto a 3x4 freebie printable.  I then added the "lucky" transparent sticker (fromt an SC kit) right onto my photo, and added in "girl" using SC Color Theory alphas.

The card on the right was made by adhering a 3x4 card from Sweet Shoppe Designs onto a 4x4 piece of cardstock.  I added my photo into the blank journaling area.  Then I cut out the "Love" letters from another freebie card to make my title.  I stuck each letter onto a foam adhesive to give the card a little more dimension.

This card is a close up of the flowers Melissa got me stuck onto a plain 3x4 piece of cardstock.  I then fussy cut around the banner embellishment, which was originally a 3x4 card from Sweet Shoppe Designs.  In order to not cover up too much of the pretty flowers, I let the banner overflow out of it's pocket, so it sort of overlaps with the card above it as well.

The card on the right was again using a printable freebie 3x4 attached to a 4x4 piece of cardstock.  The heart arrows were also cut out from a 3x4 card from Sweet Shoppe Designs, to turn them into embellishments.  I finished things off with a 3D glittery heart sticker.

Going back over the process of making a layout really helps to highlight the patterns you used to create it, and which techniques you relied on a little more heavily than you may have realized.  For the front of this layout, I pretty much made the entire thing using free, printable cards, with the exception of about 3 embellishments.  This proves that you don't have to break the bank to make a fun and beautiful Project Life layout!

I also noticed that I was doing a lot of cutting up cards.  Since they were printable, and I didn't feel bad about "ruining" them (since I could always print out more), I cut out a lot of the designs on cards and used them as embellishments rather than actual cards.  I love discovering new and creative ways to use all the fun products that come with this hobby!

For the back of my insert, I focused on another aspect of our Valentine's Day.  We just so happened to put a hold on our current apartment on that day.  Some people might hate doing errands like this on such a romantic holiday, but we were so excited about moving into our dream apartment, making it official was the best way we could have spent our Valentine's Day.

I made a mini title card for this side of the insert highlighting the entryway of our new apartment.  For the 'bones' of this pocket, I used a 4x4 piece of cardstock, and a map 3x4 card that came in a SC kit.  I hand lettered the word 'welcome' going up the side, and used Thickers to complete the title.  I also added in a tiny pink banner behind the H, so my white alphas didn't blend in to the white background.

The card on the right holds a super cool selfie we took before going in to sign all the papers.  I embellished with a few printable embellishments (found here), and added the journaling "best Valentine's Day" to a little label.

The next 4x4 pocket shows off the business card of the leasing agent who was so incredibly helpful while we were figuring everything out.  She dealt with my million and one questions, and did not judge the crazy lady who wanted to take a ton of pictures of an empty apartment #lifeofablogger.  This entire card was again embellished using nothing but free printables (found here, here and here).

Of course, a layout about our new apartment would not be complete without a walk-in closet shot.  I have moved apartments many times in the last 5 years, and my number one requirement is always a walk-in closet.  The fact that this closet was even bigger than most others, and had TWO rows of shelves, only solidified it's place as my favorite closet ever.  The picture is attached to a free printable card, and embellished with a printable label and a 'my fave' tid-bit.

However awesome the closet was, what we were most excited for with this apartment was having two floors.  Living within a single floor for the last 5 years really made me desperate for some stairs.  They are really what closed the deal on this place.  So obviously, those epic stairs made it into my album.  The card is cut down to 4x4 from a 4x6 free printable.  I embellished with a shipping tag and a cluster of colorful free printables (found here, here and here), and journaled some details about the apartment.

The last card is definitely my favorite of this layout.  I had started out wanting to include about 15 apartment photos in this little six pocket insert, which obviously wasn't going to work.  I then had a 'duh' moment, and realized I could just link to my blog post about this day right in my layout!  The blog post has a ton more pictures and details, so I could include all that information without wasting that much space in my album.  So smitten.

I sound like a broken record, but I again embellished with a bunch of different free printables (found here, here and here), and then added in the link using wood veneer letters from SC.  I then realized Bitly is case-sensitive, so I included a little hint to myself on the bottom of the card for typing in the link.

And that is my mini insert for Valentine's Day 2014!  Does anyone else not realize they're forming a creative pattern until you're all finished and discover you really favored a certain technique in your layout?  I didn't realize that I pretty much made this entire layout using free printables until I was writing this post.  Who else has fun, unexpected ways they like to use Project Life supplies?  I was really digging cutting up cards to use as embellishments with this insert.  I'm always looking for new techniques, so shout out your favorites in the comments, I'm all ears!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Project Life: 2014 Week 7

Wow is it week 7 already?  Just kidding.  It's week 34, and I'm 27 weeks behind.  Don't you ever wish time could just stop, so you could catch up on Project Life and then just press "resume" on all your memory making?  Yea me too.  Only way to get it done is to just get it done though, so I'm going to keep on crafting, and trying to slowly close that 27 week gap!

For my week 7 spread, I decided on a color palette of light blues and yellows.  I also decided I needed to actually start using some of the pretty Studio Calico cards I've been quietly hoarding since I started my subscription.  So those two requirements were my jumping off points.

I thought this lovely 'hello' card was a perfect fit for a title card.  And I am a huge typography and hand lettering nerd, so this scripty font just completely spoke to me.  I added in the week number using some of my DIY alphas, and backed it with a fancier label to match the 'theme' of this card.  I stamped the dates on a simple gray label, and added a wood veneer arrow in between the dates.  I also sprinkled around some clusters of paper flower cut-outs that I made with a punch and various patterned papers.

I layered two separate cards to fill this pocket, one 4x6 and one 3x4.  The label at the bottom of the picture says 'little details' along the top, which is hard to see in the picture, but 'pops' a bit more in person.  This picture of Melissa and Dakota is a little darker than I wish it were.  It always seems those sweet spur of the moment memories always happen in low lighting!

I had a lot of fun with this card.  I started out by printing the entire screen shot of a text conversation Melissa and I had talking about our new apartment.  I then fussy cut the picture around each of our speech bubbles.  I then attached the texting speech bubbles onto the 3x4 speech bubbles card.  I finished things off by hand lettering a title in the large middle bubble, and adding a few embellishments.  Then the whole thing was mounted onto a 4x4 plain white piece of cardstock, so it would fit into it's designated pocket.

Of course I had to include the monthly excitement that is the arrival of my Studio Calico kit!  I again used a 3x4 card, and attached the card and picture onto a 4x4 piece of cardstock.  I finished off this pocket with some round, yellow embellishments placed in the center of the doilies printed on the 3x4 card.

I was just all about fitting 3x4 cards into bigger pockets with this layout apparently, because I did it again for this one with the Hello Sunshine card.  I just found all these adorable cards in my SC stash that I wanted to use, but I didn't have any 3x4 slots in this page protector.  So I just had to improvise!  I also snipped off the edge of another 3x4 card to get the 'what a life' embellishment to go up the side of this pocket.  I finished off with a few sequins, a chipboard sticker, and a few circular washi stickers from an SC kit.

This is another card I had a lot of fun making.  I again used a 3x4 SC card (on the left) mounted on a white 4x6 piece of cardstock.  I embellished the 'time for snuggles' card completely with stamps that all came in SC kits.  First I stamped solid triangles in yellow, then went back over them with criss-cross triangles in black.  I then finished off with adding in the 'you are so loved' stamped saying.  I just love how this turned out.  I believe this was my first real attempt at layering stamps, and I am kind of hooked.

For this slot, I started with a plain base of white cardstock, which usually scares the bejesus out of me, but I had an idea of where I wanted to go with it.  I used some more of those paper flower punch-outs that I included on my title page.  I simply arranged them in a pretty loose pattern filling up the right side of the card.  I have recently discovered Paige Evans, and just love what she does with punched patterned paper.  So this was my first, kind of sad, attempt at using her technique.  Hoping I'll improve with practice!

For all the 3x4 slots I lacked on my first page, my second page more than made up for it.  Using a Design F page protector let me use all the pretty 3x4 SC cards my heart desired!

The shining star for this card goes to the amazing stamp at the top.  I have been craving this stamp for months and months, and finally came across one for sale in a PL shop & swap Facebook group.  I was so giddy when it came in the mail I had to use it right away :).

I'm clearly still getting used to using longer stamps (as evidenced by the gaping holes in parts of my image), but since it didn't effect any of the slots I needed on this card, I simply let it be.  I also lined the bottom of this card with washi tape, added a mailing tag top hold my DIY alpha title and a cute chipboard embellishment.

This photo on the left just cracks me up.  Despite her Husky heritage, Dakota is not a snow dog.  We got a lot of snow this particular week, and every time we went outside I would get this look from her.  A look of utter disgust and disdain, like "Mom, why are we out here in this?".  I was able to pack her into two layers of jackets, but she drew the line at boots... even though I told her they would help keep snow from getting stuck between her toes.  What are you gonna do?

I embellished that card with a triangle of patterned paper, an 'ugh' rub-on, and a puffy sticker to show the day.  I kept it simple for the picture on the right with a simply label caption and a button.

I loved the Sugar Rush SC kit, and so naturally it got two pictures in this week's layout.  One when I received it, and one when I really opened it up to play.  Since this picture was horizontal, it wouldn't fit in a single 3x4 pocket.  So I snipped about half an inch off of the right of the picture, and let it overlap into the next pocket.

For the card on the left, I fussy cut around the bottoms of the letters so I could layer them over the photo.  This way you could still read the word, and appreciate the full swirliness.  For the card on the right I title it with the kit name in my DIY alphas.  I then added a grouping of mini brads to each card to further tie the two together as a 'unit'.

I love helpful memory keepers.  Melissa gladly hopped into the snow so I could record exactly how deep the snow was that day.  She thought I was a little crazy, but I love that it shows the snow was up to her knees, since we don't usually get that much here in Baltimore!  I added the date to this picture on the other half of the fancy label used on the title card.  Waste not, want not.  I also stamped and cut-out the yellow banner, then layered the 'made by' stamped caption.  I told you, once I figure out a new technique, I am all-freaking-in.

The card on the right holds a QR code linking to a video of Dakota further exploring the massive amounts of snow.  I framed the code with some blue cardstock, then added some mini brads onto the center of a few polka dots.  I added the 'I love right now' banner title, and snipped off the part that went over the edge.  I then added that mini pendant edge to the side of my QR image, just for a little extra flair and emphasis.

With this couch picture, I again ran into the problem of a horizontal picture needing to fit into a 3x4 slot.  Since this picture really didn't need two pockets, I simply trimmed off whatever of the edges didn't fit.  Still a picture of a couch, still gets the idea across.  I used lots of printable embellishments on this one, with one teeny tiny enamel dot added in there.

The card on the right was pretty much chosen to fill up that space since I didn't have a picture for it.  It's a simply calendar card, that I embellished with the same patterned paper I used for the flower cut-outs.  I simply cut down teeny tiny little squares from each of the papers to fit inside the day squares in the calendar that corresponded to week 7.  Love the idea of this card, not so much with the execution.  Still feel like it could use a little more something, just not sure what.

The card on the left was kept very simple with a few sequins and a title banner that came in an SC kit, since I just wasn't feeling it with this pocket.  Since I'm trying to catch up on Project Life, if I ever get stuck on a card or don't feel inspired, I try not to kill myself to come up with something.  I just leave it for what it is and move on.  I'll never get caught up if I force myself to try to make something amazing when I'm really just drawing a blank.

The card on my right is letting my fan-girling show a little bit.  A lot of you already know Cathy Vee, and like you, I have been a fan of hers for quite sometime.  If you haven't heard of her, she is a planner and Project Life genius.  So I may have squealed a little bit when this notification popped up on my Instagram.

To embellish this card, I lined it with some stripes of washi tape behind the photo.  Then I added some journaling on a shipping tag.  I finished this pocket off by backing that cute little wood veneer triangle with some yellow cardstock, to make the letters pop a bit more.

And voila!  Week 7 is in the books.  Well sort of... I'm still working on an insert for this layout that I'll be sharing next week.  Because duh, week 7 was Valentine's day!  So make sure to check back next week to see the rest of this spread.

Who else likes to color outside the lines and use 3x4 cards in non-3x4 pockets?  I know there must be a couple other Project Life rebels out there!    What do you do if you're feeling uninspired on a particular card?  Do you just do what you can and move on?  Or do you focus until a light bulb goes off and you've found a solution?  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Using Multiple Planners on PWO

Hi guys!  I wanted to pop in real quick today and give you a heads up that I'm posting over on Pretty Well Organized again!  If you've ever wanted to know more about why some people use multiple planners, or how you can get your own collection of organizers going, now is your chance!  To read more about using multiple planners, check out my post here.